Pal Zileri Cerimonia 2015

Isola del Garda

San Felice del Benaco

collection 2015

11:00 am
18:00 pm
22:00 pm

pal zileri cerimonia 2015


Blend of different styles for a look that restyles suggestions from the past in a contemporary key: this is the leitmotif of the new collection. The details tell the story: 3D geometric patterns from the Seventies combined with 18th century Jacquard patterns and lace effects. Scarves fixed to the lapels of jackets and vests; embroidery, rhinestones, detachable double collars in satin. Jackets with wide lapels restyled in length. All harmonized by stylish attention to proportions and the search for new occasions for use.
THE MORNING SUIT The restyling of this classic formal suit creates an atmosphere of bygone times through sophisticated details, such as scarves with tie patterns and 18th century inspired tailcoats with band or shawl collars, cufflink buttons and double-breasted vests with eight buttons. Together with conventional striped trousers that offer variety when combined with the jacket, the real novelty is offered by suits all in the same fabric.

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