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The Morning Suit The “dashing prince” of the male wardrobe redefines his classic good looks through new shapes, materials with original weaves and unprecedented juxtapositions. Harmonious proportions and attention to detail enhance the consummate tailoring tradition. Jacket lengths range from 74 cm and 80 cm to 84 cm, with some extending to 95 cm.
Plain jackets are twinned with classic striped or innovative houndstooth check trousers. Meanwhile tone-on-tone check, overcheck and Prince of Wales check jackets are worn over plain trousers. Classic colours include black, midnight blue and anthracite grey. China blue, burgundy, beige and antique pink concoct the seasonal colour palette. Waistcoats come in classic shades of pearl and ivory with micro patterns, but also geometric and floral motifs in both tone-on-tone versions and contrasting colours.

The Dinner Jacket Increasingly modern, the dinner jacket reinvents itself in terms of style and functions. This prompts the idea of combining jacquard patterns – geometric and floral – with structured models featuring panels in different materials. The result is a garment destined not only for the evening glamour of events, concerts and gala dinners, but also for a flamboyant mood that can be flaunted in broad daylight.
The dominant colour is black with colourful accents of China blue, ash blue, burgundy and beige. Lapels are more delicate this season, while jacket lengths tend to be shorter, with ergonomic silhouettes that always guarantee comfort. Sparkling Swarovski studs lend a precious touch to detachable collars, creating metamorphic, dual-purpose garments.

The Classics The classic part of the collection is updated with linear outfits and a fresh take on raw materials, which are used and juxtaposed with great originality. Lines softly follow the contours of the body, proposing different lengths to suit particular details and proportions. Fabrics include fine gauge wool with subtle use of calendering, wool-viscose with three-dimensional shine, and naturally lustrous silk. Black, midnight blue and mid-grey are the essential colours in the outerwear offering. A colour palette which for the 2014 collection is enriched with China blue, burgundy, indigo, dark brown, dusty grey and beige.
Colours that appear in various guises: solid in jacquard designs; yarn-dyed in micro weaves, houndstooth and Prince of Wales checks; iridescent in plain fabrics. Lapels opt for slim or shawl styles and jackets are short. New this season, embroidered appliqué work adorns lapels and the sides of trousers. Waistcoats also sport embroidery or are personalized by juxtaposition of various tone-on-tone fabrics.

Brand A man wants to look sophisticated and handsome on the most important day of his life. The central attention has to be on the bride and the groom together, and the bride obviously has to look stunning on her Big day but so has the groom, in a complete harmony, for a union that will last forever.
It is very important to know what kind of dress the bride is going to choose and the type of ceremony. If the bride wears an understated white long gown with the veil and a long tail, the groom will wear a morning suit; considering the wedding in the morning or afternoon, while for late afternoon a frock coat. The tuxedo is not right on this type of occasion as it is associated to a glitzy and sparkly evening. If a groom has a military career is allowed to wear his uniform. A three piece suit is an easy choice, right for any time and any arrangement. Fathers, brothers and all close family will wear what the groom decided to wear. A watch can be worn and it is ideal if it has been gifted from the bride; if the groom wears a morning suit the pocket watch will be more appropriate, while cufflinks embellish the shirt and complete the whole understated look. If the wedding is celebrated on the winter season, the groom will wear a black classic coat. Pal Zileri Cerimonia has an extensive collection of suits, morning suits, frock coat, three piece suits, ideal for such a unique day.

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